Donnerstag, 13. September 2012


This is one of those aspects that I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate.... Sorry, I must have been stuck in a loop. Well, I really, really hate the fact of people being biased. It annoys me so much, especially lately I have had way too many examples for just this. Let it rip!

Why do people think that, just by seeing something or someone, they instantly know everything about that thing or person? Is it experience? No, that would actually work in many ways. Is it knowledge? Hell no, everyone who is actually biased can not be considered smart and therefore does not fit into the knowledge-part. It is because people listen to too much stuff around the city, on the streets, in a mall or the internet - oh, especially the internet.

I could write a whole book for dumb people on the internet, however, nobody would read it. Nobody wants to be called stupid... I think. But let us get to the case: Humans are gullible as hell. They hear something, they believe it. It will instantly be picked up as the truth and it is not like they are goind to try to find out whether it is true or just dumb shit that was talked about somewhere.

Since the internet is mostly anonymous, people like to hide. And because people can hide, they show their true face in that anonymity. (I am growing really fond of making up my own words, in case that one does not exist. It should, really.) If something is shown, it will be thrown into a drawer and will be cursed for whatever it is believed to be.

It begins when persons see each other. How they look, how they walk, stand or use their gestures. I am not taking in the option of the way they talk, because most of the time that is not even considered. And from what they see, they make up their own opinion. I myself made a little long-time experiment. I changed my look on many occasions to see how others reacted. I was normal, an emo, a goth, a metalhead and at the moment purely awesome. And just from seeing me, people reacted in such a different manner - it is not even funny. They didn't know me, my personality has not changed at all but everyone was distracted by the way I looked. That is just stupid.

The reason to write about this particular topic actually came from something different: The new game DmC Devil may Cry, which completely changes the way the game looked in the previous entrys. That said, it will be released in january 2013, so just next year. And too many people already hate the game for what it looks like, for what it is called. "That's no Devil May Cry! Dante is no freaking emo piece of shit crybaby!" That is the general response, without knowing anything. So stupid.

Whatever. That is it for now. We will be seeing us next month.