Samstag, 17. Januar 2015



It has been a while. Now, I could say that my studies just kept me soooo much, that I simply had no time to write anything. But that wouldn't be true. I was just incredibly lazy and at times actually forgot I started writing these.

Neverminding that, I spent the time rather useful, I guess. I am in the second year of my studies to become a police officer now and I have "only" 1 3/4 years ahead of me. So that is kinda nice.

Also, being involved with the law is pretty fun and interesting, since you learn a lot more about the system by which (at least germany) is run by. For example a ton of definitions and intentions behind laws which, as a commoner, you would never really think about. But then you get an entire book about a single work from a paragraph and a year-long discussion about how it should be laid out.

Yeah, that about sums it up.

However, I should probably get to the point of this entry. I phrased it "change", not because I loath it. Change is a necessary means in our society to bring us as people forward. It is an internal change of mine that will probably result in the ending of all these entries, since the purpose of them is more or less nullified. At the very least, turned around 180°.

I have had a lot of time thinking again and expecially after being a "real" police officer for three months now, it struck me. People are faulty. You could say (and I certainly did) that I hate these faults. They are nonesensical, hypocritical, selfish beings that don't deserve the time of our day.

Then why am I enjoying my time with them so much?

Seriously, even in the most dire of situations, I could not stop myself from smiling into peoples faces. One could think that empathy is totally lost on me (which, truth be told, it kinda is). However, I had just so much fun thinking about these people, talking with all these different people and learning about them for a change.

After thinking about all this, my simple and probably kinda obvious realisation was, that I can not possibly call myself a misanthropist.

Lessons in movies and stuff like that I do not normaly watch are sometimes that, only someone who truly loves another, is able to hate at the same degree. Having had so much fun with all these people (even if, most of the time, they were not that jolly by seeing me in my uniform), I can only say that I am the exact opposite of what I thought to be. A (*gasp*) philanthropist.

Self analysis sucks.


Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013


Have I ever told you that, for some reason, the 13th of the month appears to be the date on which I simply do not find any time to write something? Well, yesterdays 13th was another one of those, as I was searching for an appartment to live somewhere else for my study in policework. Hence, being busy, I could not write. Let us change that!

Todays topic will be of the everlasting, nowadays anywhere to be found globalisation and how much I simply can not stand it. For those who do not know what it means i will put it simply: Every company tries to be succesfull globaly for more profit, basicly. Therefore, they have to adjust to every market there is worldwide and try to have the biggest audience. The simple fact that we can have food from different countrys or just travel whereever we want on the globe is a very easy way to see how much we have been globalized. Screw ones own country, to put it short and sweet.

Know, while I do know about american patriotism and how much many people try to achieve just that and are very proud of their country, as a german there are many difficulties with that. You see, history has told people worldwide that all germans are nazis and are very intolerant if it comes to any other religion or culture in general. Therefore, in the age that I grew up in, i was fed up with being a tolerant human and try not to judge people by their cover. You know, just like books just for human beings.

That being said, I did grow up to be able to differentiate between people from different cultures but still being able to respect them, without caring for their culturale background. But here is my question: Why do we have to suffer and endure the damn problems that my ancestors have made? It has been nearly 70 years since the second World War has ended and even my birth was not until 47 years after that and we are still judged for whatever the nazis did back in the old days. (Ha, see what I did there?)

Here is the catch, guys and gals: Not every freaking german person is a nazi. Heck, the whole thing started because of some stupid austrian guy who thought it would be funny to conquer whole Europe and even more, if he had the chance. If anything, one could blame us to be so gullible to believe the dumb nonsense that guy told us. Then again, even then I have nothing to do with them. There may have been ancestors of mine, but we learned. Get over it already. Stop feeding us tolerance, we got it already.

If you think now: "What does that have to do with globalisation?" I might just give you the answer. Because of our history, we are nearly unable to leave out all those people who want to get in to our nice country. Dumb people, who live here but are unable to speak our language or do not even want to learn it. And all that was just made possible by my topic today. Well, thank you history.


Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2013


For everyone thinking that this is going to be really interesting: Maybe. For all the others thinking I have a problem with authority in general: Wrong. I respect authority. Best seen in the fact that I really want to become a police officer and therefore shall be respected as a person holding authority. Alas, as we know in germany that is rarely the case. However, I am getting off topic.

My problem with authority in this way is the fact that it is sometimes given to people without them earning it in any way or are actually able to be a respectfull person. Now it can be difficult to act as a person with authority but in certain positions in our world it is needed. Very needed.

As an example I am going to take my late work: There I had a lot of people standing above me, careerwise and were therefore in charge of me and telling me what to do. However, in some cases I am not even the only one wondering how some of them were set as persons in charge. Bosses. Why is he our boss, if he doesn't even really know what the hell we are doing here? Yep, a very common question in my late workplace.

Now, there is particular person I would like to address there. It's a woman, but that is not the problem. She was working in a different part of my work before and was later assigned as my boss with no knowledge of what we were doing exactly. And that woman is supposed to tell me how to do my job? Really? I will not even go so far to say that, in general, my respect for a person with authority has to earned. If you are not able to tell me "Shut up and do your job right" in the face, I will not respect that person. Regardless of their position on the paper.

There is another catch to my story of that woman. Later, I actually found out that her contract to work with us would not have been prolonged, if she had not applied for that assignment as my boss. So someone who was meant to be thrown out anyway is now boss in my former workplayer. Yep, that really happened.

See the problem? Authority is handed out like candy to persons who do not deserve or can handle it correctly... Actually, that is a good summary, I will end it with that.

'till next time.

Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2013


Hello there. It has been quite some time now, has it not? Whether there will be someone to read this is up to the stars to tell, but I will happily continue writing, considering it is one of my mostly done hobbies. I really spent a lot of time writing, I even have two novels to write right now and it is fun as hell! There are so many ideas that I still want to put in them and if I think about it - they probably will not be finished untill 2017. It already took me three years to get where I am now, so it is not very unrealistic.

But back to business. I have been very busy during the time of not writing and there are many reasons. I am still as strong willed as ever, but I still lack the self-esteem to encounter women, which is what I have been workin on for a while now. Alas, that is not important. The most important thing is that all my trials to become a police officer are over. And I passed them all! Therefore, beginning on October 1st, my studies will continue. The bad thing about it being that I will have to move to another town and I really am not the person for a move to a different place.

However, I am still looking forward with my eyes wide open to see where humanity will go to continue their descend to hell. Since I am no angel myself, even though I love the image of that, there is a chance of me holden open the door in hell. Or I am gonna sit in purgatory. I propably should not have read the Divine Comedy, makes my picture of the afterlife very blurry.

Anything else happened? I am going to quit my job for my co-workers are such big jerks that I just can not stand to get along with them, even if it is just untill October. The reason? Will be mentioned in another post, which, of course, will be back on a 13th. Which one I do not know yet.

Fare thee well.

Dienstag, 13. November 2012


Hi. This one is going to be short because I did not really prepare anything and had a rough day. It even made me wonder whether I would be able to write this or not. Alas, I could write about what made me have so little time today.

At this very day, the first test for becoming a policeman was set and I happily went there. First off was a test through the use of a computer to get the tasks etc. I was having way more fun doing that, than I should. It was like playing Professor Layton on a time limit - I was really having a blast doing that. Of course with an attitude like that, I passed that one. Yay!

Second was the sports test. 3000m in 14 minutes and 30 seconds. This gave me quite the hard time and I trained a lot for this. Luckily, even though my body is kinda weak, my mind is really, really strong. Therefore, it does not matter if I am tired and would actually not be able to run anymore - I just do it. So I passed this one, too.

That is it. Now I have to wait for the next time, in which I will be tested orally, which ist not as much fun as it sounds - I suck at oral exams.

We will be seeing how it will end. Until then, have a nice 30 days.

Montag, 15. Oktober 2012


Hi there. I bet you are asking yourself now: "Hey, he said he'll be posting on every 13th of the month! He did not keep his schedule so now we'll shun him forever! And ever!" Welp, as it turns out: I have a life. And mine said last week that a vacation is due - unfortunately up until the 14th of the month and yesterday was just a really bad day to write anything. Also I'm lazy. Topic ahead!

One might think that greed has always been present in my previous posts. And yes, I admit, it was. However, the greed of people deserves a short text for itself. Why, you ask? Because humans need MOAR!.... I am terribly sorry for that little outburst, it will not happen again. But let me actually begin.

As one of the seven deadly sins greed has always been on people's minds. Especially religious people who are greedy themselves by wanting money for any good deed they seem fit. Do you notice one thing? I hate religion. It can be used as any good excuse for a really, really dumb action. What will happen then? I do not know for I will never use that one.

So, now actually talking about greed itself: It is very self explainatory. People have stuff but want more. I am not going to draw the Africa-Card here, no worries. However I do not get how humans just can not sit back, relax and be content of the material objects they have. A house? Check. Food? Check. Money? Check. Free time? Check. Happiness? Non existent.

I can truly say that at the moment I am content with what I have but, humans being I am, I too want more. An own house (I live with my parents), a better job, my own family and a little bit more knowledge in japanese language. BUT - and this is important - I am working really hard for these aims. My version to ratify my greed, do not judge.

I saw one little picture which shows pretty clearly how it is nowadays, especially with kids: On the left there was a happy kid. It had a skateboard, a football, a basketball and even a N64! What else could he wish for? Now, on the left: A really angry kid, holding up an iPad and iPhone, having a big TV and all the current consoles shouting loudly "I need MORE! DUH!!!!111!"

Any objections? I did not think so.


Donnerstag, 13. September 2012


This is one of those aspects that I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate.... Sorry, I must have been stuck in a loop. Well, I really, really hate the fact of people being biased. It annoys me so much, especially lately I have had way too many examples for just this. Let it rip!

Why do people think that, just by seeing something or someone, they instantly know everything about that thing or person? Is it experience? No, that would actually work in many ways. Is it knowledge? Hell no, everyone who is actually biased can not be considered smart and therefore does not fit into the knowledge-part. It is because people listen to too much stuff around the city, on the streets, in a mall or the internet - oh, especially the internet.

I could write a whole book for dumb people on the internet, however, nobody would read it. Nobody wants to be called stupid... I think. But let us get to the case: Humans are gullible as hell. They hear something, they believe it. It will instantly be picked up as the truth and it is not like they are goind to try to find out whether it is true or just dumb shit that was talked about somewhere.

Since the internet is mostly anonymous, people like to hide. And because people can hide, they show their true face in that anonymity. (I am growing really fond of making up my own words, in case that one does not exist. It should, really.) If something is shown, it will be thrown into a drawer and will be cursed for whatever it is believed to be.

It begins when persons see each other. How they look, how they walk, stand or use their gestures. I am not taking in the option of the way they talk, because most of the time that is not even considered. And from what they see, they make up their own opinion. I myself made a little long-time experiment. I changed my look on many occasions to see how others reacted. I was normal, an emo, a goth, a metalhead and at the moment purely awesome. And just from seeing me, people reacted in such a different manner - it is not even funny. They didn't know me, my personality has not changed at all but everyone was distracted by the way I looked. That is just stupid.

The reason to write about this particular topic actually came from something different: The new game DmC Devil may Cry, which completely changes the way the game looked in the previous entrys. That said, it will be released in january 2013, so just next year. And too many people already hate the game for what it looks like, for what it is called. "That's no Devil May Cry! Dante is no freaking emo piece of shit crybaby!" That is the general response, without knowing anything. So stupid.

Whatever. That is it for now. We will be seeing us next month.