Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2012


Why, hello there.
This being my first post, I think it would be appropriate to introduce myself. I am mostly known as "Azure" and I am in fact german. It would be nice to keep that fact in mind and thereby be considerate if it comes to failures in my writing, even though I will try to do my best and make my texts as undestandable as possible. The reason I am posting in english is simply, that, like this, my publications will be accessible to a wider audience.

To go further into myself, I am a misanthropist - a person who despises humans. Why, I here you ask? Humanity simply has become rotten and selfish. ignorant if you will. These are the biggest complains I have but, in all honesty, I do not need any more than those.

Furthermore, I am very interested in psychology, especially in combination with people's behaviour. Because of that, I go through life very... let's call it "open". I am listening to as many things as possible and try to make reason out of it. Thereby actually having quite a lot of fun, since I am lacking context most of the time. But, alas, with humans being as easy to read as books, it is actually quite easy to gather needed information.

These are my mostly used characteristics I will be refering to while writing. To come to more commonly said things: My hobbies include listening to music (which mostly is Metal), training my body in martial arts and playing video games. I am merely 19 years old and hope to become a police officer someday soon.

Alright. All that said and done, my rant will be starting soon. I do not know exactly when my first post will be, but if it happens, I will try to update every two to three days.

I hope we will see us again.


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