Montag, 13. Februar 2012


Hello there.
Nobody actually noticed my blog, which is fun. Like this, I can just write whatever I want and nobody will ever notice what it was, that formed my mind to what it is right now. But for the real post now...

Today I will go into the general topic of lies and later will give experiences of when they happened or if they happen again and why exactly I can not stand them. The ability to lie itself is why I distrust humanity. If you are talking to somebody, you will never now with a 100% certainty, that what was said is true. The only countermeasure for lies, is trust.

"Trust is difficult to earn, but easily taken away." This describes the situation nowadays. If you are in public and, let's say, you want to talk to somebody. Not ask a simple question to which you might get an answer, but just talk. People will not trust you. For most of them, you will be a creep. "Why is that guy/chick talking to me? Does he/she want something?" My question there would be: Why do I need a reason to talk to somebody? Funily enough, this is showing a general distrust amongst humans today. Why can there not be a general trust?

It is because people lie. Because they try everything to gain an advantage out of something. And if it is just to ask for an eraser, people want something. They are greedy and therefore use one of the god-given abilitys to gain it: Not telling the truth.

Maybe I dislike this just because I am a very honest person who has a horribly strong conscience, which does not forgive even the slightest lie and will haunt me untill I correct that. But think about it... If people were not able to lie or were simply telling the truth every time... trust would be a common thing. There would be nothing special about it.

Taking the point that tomorrow is the so called "Valentine's Day", finding love would also be much easier. No unlucky surprises and deception, you would tell your partner the truth and an indestructible bond would be forged. But love is a topic I will get into on a later point.

Have a nice day,

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