Freitag, 13. Juli 2012


Again, it is the 13th of the month and that means: More rant! Yay! Plus, today is friday, so wish me luck for this round of rant, rant, rant and even more rant!

People have trouble deciding what to do. Did you ever notice it? Did you consider noticing it and afterwards just thought: "Damn, I can not decide. Then I'll just leave it be..." Well, that is what I am writing about today. And the reason for that is extremely simple: I hate people just standing there, complaining and thinking about what to do. There is no worth in doing nothing, really.

I will be honest at this point. I had quite a lot of times when I had the exact same thought and just could not decide - which is why I came up the idea of finally making one decision: Do what comes into your mind. No matter what it is, it is still better than just doing nothing. Because if one does anything, there is a chance of success. Otherwise the chance is about 0% and you will never, ever find out what could have happened. Maybe something extremely good, maybe something pretty bad. We will never know.

Now, I do work with my plain and small 20 years. And my superiors are a little... How do I put it... Split, when it comes to how to use someone, who can pretty much do anything and will bring good results. You know, I am very proud to call myself a person like that. I am reliable, fast, accurate and do not bitch about the hard work all the time. Plus: I can critisize and like to be corrected myself, so there is nothing wrong with me being there. The Problem is: Since I can do everything, it is up to them what to let me do. And sometimes, that is just really annoying. Ten minutes there, fifteen somewhere else, maybe an hour later doing something completly different again.

So, you see, Indecision can be bitch - in the private life and at work. Other people often do not like it either, because if it is you who has to make the decision and you take a long as time, they have to wait. Good job!

That is it.

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