Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2012


Is that even a word? I really have no clue, yet, I do not care either. Soo... Since I noticed, that my first official Post and the second one both were released on a 13th of the month, I thought I could make just that a running theme. So, from now on, every month on the 13th you will probably read something from me. Is that nice or what? I know, you choose "or". Moving on...

I seriously think that I make my decisions mostly with reason. Everything I do is solely to make something really happen because of a certain reason which I am not to shy to tell. It is rational thinking. Everybody can follow my chain of thought. It is easy, it has reason, people can not say anything against it because it mostly is a good decision. This, unfortunately, is not given in the world we live in. It is both sad and extremely annoying. Honestly, the annoying part is the one that bothers me the most. I am just human, therefore self-centered.

But now back to the topic? As I said, I am a hobby psychologist. I analyze stuff people do because it is very funny for me. And one of the things I observed were, that people usually ask the question "Why?. Why did you do that? Wouldn't it be more intelligent to do the other thing? Or even include this or that?" A difficult question, I admit that much. But there is only one reason why: The chain of thought of said person who did something is not thought throught thoroughly. There are lots and lots of little things that just do not add up to the conclusion.

So why do it anyway? Humans do not realize this mistake - or at least most of the time they do not. They seem to be very confident in what they figured out without even noticing that they should think a little bit more about what they are doing. And that, my dear ladys and gentlemen is the way of irrational thinking I despise so much. I can also name some very, very small examples of that way of thinking. Also, since nobody is stopping me, might as well:

Have you ever seen a person in a rush? Going very fast through all the people in the way? And in the middle of doing that, he just stops on the dot. Simply ceases to move and stays on the point. In the middle of the crowd they there litterally plowing through and immediatly begin being a nuisance to everyone else. Furthermore, a more funny than annoying example: People rush through the city, again very fast and make it to the escalator. There, they stop rushing and wait for the escalator to bring them to their destination... I never figured out why people do that.

That is it for today. I will see you again on the 13th of July. Farewell.


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