Montag, 15. Oktober 2012


Hi there. I bet you are asking yourself now: "Hey, he said he'll be posting on every 13th of the month! He did not keep his schedule so now we'll shun him forever! And ever!" Welp, as it turns out: I have a life. And mine said last week that a vacation is due - unfortunately up until the 14th of the month and yesterday was just a really bad day to write anything. Also I'm lazy. Topic ahead!

One might think that greed has always been present in my previous posts. And yes, I admit, it was. However, the greed of people deserves a short text for itself. Why, you ask? Because humans need MOAR!.... I am terribly sorry for that little outburst, it will not happen again. But let me actually begin.

As one of the seven deadly sins greed has always been on people's minds. Especially religious people who are greedy themselves by wanting money for any good deed they seem fit. Do you notice one thing? I hate religion. It can be used as any good excuse for a really, really dumb action. What will happen then? I do not know for I will never use that one.

So, now actually talking about greed itself: It is very self explainatory. People have stuff but want more. I am not going to draw the Africa-Card here, no worries. However I do not get how humans just can not sit back, relax and be content of the material objects they have. A house? Check. Food? Check. Money? Check. Free time? Check. Happiness? Non existent.

I can truly say that at the moment I am content with what I have but, humans being I am, I too want more. An own house (I live with my parents), a better job, my own family and a little bit more knowledge in japanese language. BUT - and this is important - I am working really hard for these aims. My version to ratify my greed, do not judge.

I saw one little picture which shows pretty clearly how it is nowadays, especially with kids: On the left there was a happy kid. It had a skateboard, a football, a basketball and even a N64! What else could he wish for? Now, on the left: A really angry kid, holding up an iPad and iPhone, having a big TV and all the current consoles shouting loudly "I need MORE! DUH!!!!111!"

Any objections? I did not think so.


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