Samstag, 17. Januar 2015



It has been a while. Now, I could say that my studies just kept me soooo much, that I simply had no time to write anything. But that wouldn't be true. I was just incredibly lazy and at times actually forgot I started writing these.

Neverminding that, I spent the time rather useful, I guess. I am in the second year of my studies to become a police officer now and I have "only" 1 3/4 years ahead of me. So that is kinda nice.

Also, being involved with the law is pretty fun and interesting, since you learn a lot more about the system by which (at least germany) is run by. For example a ton of definitions and intentions behind laws which, as a commoner, you would never really think about. But then you get an entire book about a single work from a paragraph and a year-long discussion about how it should be laid out.

Yeah, that about sums it up.

However, I should probably get to the point of this entry. I phrased it "change", not because I loath it. Change is a necessary means in our society to bring us as people forward. It is an internal change of mine that will probably result in the ending of all these entries, since the purpose of them is more or less nullified. At the very least, turned around 180°.

I have had a lot of time thinking again and expecially after being a "real" police officer for three months now, it struck me. People are faulty. You could say (and I certainly did) that I hate these faults. They are nonesensical, hypocritical, selfish beings that don't deserve the time of our day.

Then why am I enjoying my time with them so much?

Seriously, even in the most dire of situations, I could not stop myself from smiling into peoples faces. One could think that empathy is totally lost on me (which, truth be told, it kinda is). However, I had just so much fun thinking about these people, talking with all these different people and learning about them for a change.

After thinking about all this, my simple and probably kinda obvious realisation was, that I can not possibly call myself a misanthropist.

Lessons in movies and stuff like that I do not normaly watch are sometimes that, only someone who truly loves another, is able to hate at the same degree. Having had so much fun with all these people (even if, most of the time, they were not that jolly by seeing me in my uniform), I can only say that I am the exact opposite of what I thought to be. A (*gasp*) philanthropist.

Self analysis sucks.


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