Freitag, 13. April 2012


Why, hello there.
Did I write two or three weeks? Sometimes I'm just that much into thought... Make that two or three months. I bet like that it'll be easier not to disappoint the eight people which actually visited my site. Thanks for that by the way. But to get to the topic at hand...

Humans in general have become ignorant about their surroundings. Everything they see, they hear or even feel. Nothing that directly impacts on themselves matters to them. They just want to live their own life without anyone else interfering. But not only that: If they are the cause for a problem in public, they even ignore that and just walk away. There are enough other people who could help, right? And as it occurs, I have an example what happened to me which made me dislike humanity even more.

On that day, I was simply riding my bike. General information: I'm always pretty fast while driving around, thus I tend to ride past everyone. And on that note: People don't seem to care to watch out for faster drivers while in Groups, which easily block the whole road, therefore giving me the need to slow down. But that is not the story I want to tell. But: It was winter. The roads were partly covered in ice - not the best condition to ride the bike, but alas the roads were just party frozen. A nice path was free, safe for me to ride my bike. But than a pedestrian came by, though that he was probably to fancy to walk on ice and took the unfrozen way, not caring that I was riding right towards him. Since I did not want to hurt him, I hit the breaks. However, that idea did not work, making me drive on the ice to not hit him. Of course: Braking on ice plus the need to dodge equals me slipping and falling with my bike.

So: What's the end of the story? I fell. Nothing major, I don't give a damn about a little physical pain. But the fact that the pedestrian took a short time looking at me, falling because of him, and then just walked away - now that was enraging. Why the hell did he not help me, or even say a little word if I am okay? No, preferably he just looked at me and walked away. It was not his fault, right? In moments like that I really wish I could just hit people. Or kick, I am pretty good at both and also sure that I would win.

Enough of that little story. This only strenghtens my point, that people do not care about anything else than themselves. As long as they are okay, they do not care. Especially in public. Another positif argument for my point of view: Did anybody ever think of headphones? Sure, they are handy, being able to listen to your own music on the go without letting anyone else hear your tunes. But with those little things people isolate themselves from the outer world. It symbolizes: "I do not care what others are saying, I am living in my own world. You do not exist here." That... That is just sad. If people would actually care for others, sometimes life could be that much easier.

That is it for now. Farewell.

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